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Pet Sitting Business Forms

Protect Your Business with a Signed Contract

You have done all the basic necessities to start your pet sitting business.  Now it is time to get ready for clients. The first step is to get your paperwork in order. This is essential to your organization.

The essential business forms you will need are:
  1. Service Contract
These are what I would consider the bare necessities, but there are many more that will contribute to making your business much easier and much more organized.

Let's talk about what should be in your pet sitting service contract first. Firstly, I don't like (and your clients will not like either) to call the contract a "contract". I like to call it a service agreement. It is essentially the same thing just with different terminology. Contracts have been given a bad rep and therefore scare people off. People feel they are signing away their options and are obligated to then stay with your services no matter what. Instead of a pet sitting contract, I like to call it a pet sitting service agreement. It sounds nicer and less binding although it is just as binding.

The pet sitting service agreement should include the name and address of the home you will be working in as well as your name to show it is an agreement between yourself and the homeowner.  This allows you to be in the home. It should then lay out what you will be doing there.  You should have all your business policies spelt out and a place for your client to agree to them.  Some of your business policies should include liability issues such as damage, aggression, illnesses, accidents, etc.  You should also list your cancellation policy, payment policy, etc. There is a lot of thought that should go into a service contract and it should not be taken lightly. The contract is there to protect your business and your pocket.

The next item is your pet care information sheets.  These sheets will have all the required information to care for the pet such as breed, color, microchip number, shot record, birthday, etc.  Then they will ask questions about how the client wants you to take care of the pet.  These sheets should be pre-filled with all the questions so you will not forget to ask the client any important questions.  You should have a separate sheet for each type of animal because each type of animal requires different sorts of care.

When I first started my business, I did not have a sheet and just came with pencil and paper.  I found upon returning to the office, that I was notorious for forgetting something which would result in me making a phone call.  I then made an information sheet to help guide me in these questions.  You can even give the information sheet to your client to fill out, but I would recommend you doing it with your client so you are both on the same page.  You would then save this form for each future visit to refer back to.

The next essential form is the veterinarian release.  This is used to allow you to take the pet to the vet without baring the responsibility of the payment.  It will list who the pet's normal vet is and give you permission to take to another vet if necessary.

The last essential form is the report card.  This is left behind after each visit to document what you did and how the pet(s) did on each of your visits.  The client's like to read about their pet's day upon their return.  This will also help eliminate the need for follow up phone calls.

There are many other forms which will aid you in simplifying your business such as the medication permission slip which will give you permission to administer meds and give medication admistering instructions.  The telephone reservation form will help with those phone inquiries and the satisfaction survey will help you get some feedback on your services.

All of these forms and more are offered in the pet sitting package located on the Home Business Forms website.  This complete package includes 26 forms for a low price of $44.99! All you will need to do is print the forms.  You will receive a completed product.

Once you have done all the above steps, it is time to start getting some clients.  We will discuss marketing tips next.

How do I get my Pet Sitting Clients?

How do you Market your Pet Sitting Business?

Now that you have your business set up, it is time to get clients. In this installment we will discuss your many options and what options have been proven most valuable.

Some of your marketing options include:
  • Flyers
  • Phone Book
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Groupon
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Car Magnets
  • Business Card Distribution
  • Valupak
  • Word of Mouth

Flyers: Flyers are a great, cheap way of advertising your business. I don't recommend printing up mass quantities and distributing them door to door. This has been proven to be very ineffective and time-consuming. It is also illegal to put them in mailboxes, so you are going to have to walk door to door. People also do not like to have people walking on their property placing advertisements so that may be a turnoff for your potential clients.

You can print up a mass quantity and put them on cars in a parking lot, but you have to get a permit for that. Make sure you conduct your business legally to show you are a professional.

The best thing to do with those flyers is to print up a bunch of them and leave them in your car. Anytime you go to a store and notice a bulletin board, place your flyer there. Some of the best places are post offices, sandwhich shops, diners and coffee shops.  Get your flyer here.

Phone Books: Phone books are a thing of the past and do not recommend this type. There are so many other ways you can advertise for much cheaper.

Websites: A website will be your BEST advertising tool next to word of mouth. Most of your clients will search for what they need on the internet while they are at work. I definitely recommend a website above anything else. Your website does not have to be fancy, just professional looking and informative. You don't have to spend a fortune on it, you can even make one for free.

If you do not want to worry about designing your own website or your website is not bringing in clients, we can help out too.  We offer cheap website design and overhauls.  Just click here.

Social Media: This is a great way to get local clients and testimonials.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  There are so many ways to get your name out there on these.  Get an account with all three and start posting fun tips that will get people to notice you and share your page.  There are also lots of local Facebook pages that you can post your business on.  So, get browsing all over your local Facebook pages and start posting.

Online Advertising: Once you have your website ready, you can advertise it online for free at many places. Even if you don't have a website, there are many places online to advertise. Some of those places are CraigslistMerchantCircleSuperpagesGoogle MapsYahoo and more. I have created a tutorial on how and where to advertise your website. You can find it here.

Groupon:  Groupon offers a great way to get new clients and on-going clients.  You offer your first time clients a deep discount, usually 50% off.  This may seem like you are going to do a lot of work for very little, but you have to look at the long term benefits.  If they like you, they will have you back and tell their friends!  So, in the long run, it works out great!

Newspapers and Magazines: Newspapers are a good option to try out but I recommend the local/town paper, not a large paper distributer.  Some areas do well with newspaper advertising and some do not. The only way you will know is to give it a try. 
Magazines are more expensive and do not focus on a certain area in which your service area lies. Magazines may not be a good option to advertise this sort of business.

Car Magnets: Car magnets are a great advertising option. They are a cheap, one time cost, so it doesn't hurt to try it out.  Make sure you let your insurance know b/c if you get into an accident in a "work" vehicle and you didn't tell them it's a work vehicle, they won't cover you.

Business Card Distribution: Handing out business cards to everyone you see is not very cost effective. I don't recommend this form of advertising. However, always have your cards available should you see an opportunity to hand one out or display it. 

Valupak: Valupak is, in my opinion, not a good option for this sort of business. For one thing, it is distributed to a large area most of which you may not be covering. Second, it is very expensive. However, if you have the money to try this form of advertising out, give it a try.

Word of Mouth: This will be your best form of advertising once your business gets going. If you have happy customers, they will tell all their friends and family about you. Always be sure to conduct your business and yourself professionally in order to get those referrals. Leave your clients will plenty of business cards so they can hand them out to their friends and family. It is also a great idea to offer a referral bonus such as one free visit for every paid referral or $30 off a vacation week. This is a nice incentive to get them to hand out those referrals.

These are the most common types of advertising methods people use for their pet sitting business. I recommend trying out what you can to see what works and what does not. In the beginning, you will spend a lot more money until you are busy enough to stop advertising . Once you hit a slow spot and think you need to advertise again, hopefully by then, you will know what worked and will only need to spend money on that form of advertising.

Business Forms for your Pet Sitting Business